Washi Tape Christmas Card Tree

Washi Tape Christmas Card Tree

Posted 2014-12-21 by Lindsay Lawfollow
This is a colourful and fun way to display Christmas cards using ribbon and Washi tape. It's also a great alternative idea for a Christmas tree if you don't have enough space for one.

  • Masking tape
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Length of wide ribbon
  • Christmas cards
  • Washi tape or other colourful craft tape
  • Rosette

  • Method
  • Stick a strip of masking tape down the centre of a door.

  • Stick a strip of double-sided sticky tape down the middle of the masking tape and then stick a wide ribbon on to the sticky tape.

  • Starting at the bottom, which will be the widest part, stick your Christmas cards on to the tree using colourful Washi tape.

  • Make the tree narrower as you go up by adding fewer cards to each layer.

  • You can use a square card as a pot at the bottom.

  • Finally, add a gift wrap rosette at the top of the tree using double-sided sticky tape to fix it on.

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