Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration

Posted 2014-02-23 by Lindsay Lawfollow
Not everyone can afford, or wants to have, an expensive interior designer to decorate their home, or to provide ideas. Here are some ideas that can be used for inspiration for different aspects of home design.

Craft Magazines
I like to look out for craft magazines that come with an activity or homemade craft to try out. That makes me feel like I am getting value for money at the same time as I get inspiration. At the moment I like Mollie Makes and Handmade Home. They fit with my own personal sense of style, and I've got lots of ideas from them for projects to personalise my home.

Other People's Ideas
While it's a little bit strange to go round to your friend's house and start taking pictures for inspiration, that is something that you can do in cafes or shops. In my local French patisserie, La Cerise, they have a really unusual colour scheme of acid lime and cherry red. There are lots of nice touches around the cafe that I have taken photos of and plan to use for inspiration in one of my own room themes. I particularly like this vintage wall calendar advertising chocolate fondant.

I might use this idea as a basis for a homemade calendar

Free Catalogues
Lots of paint companies, or decorating firms, produce their own inspiration catalogues. I work just around the corner from a Farrow and Ball shop, and they produce a gorgeous little pamphlet full of ideas. I love the soft colours of the Farrow and Ball range, and I plan to cut out the pictures and add them to a mood board.

Mood Boards
Mood boards are a good way to collect ideas and play with themes. You can use a website for this, like Pinterest , where you can make themed boards to gather pictures from around the web. Or, you can do it in a more old-fashioned way and create one on paper without cutouts and print outs. Here's a picture of a inspiration board I created to describe my ideal clothes wardrobe.

I have a few blogs that I visit regularly for inspiration for interior design and project ideas. My own favourites include DesignMom , You Are My Fave , and Amanda Soule's blog , but there are countless sites out there just waiting to be discovered.

Those are just a few ideas of the places and things you can use for inspiration. Where do you go for inspiration?


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