4 New Uses for the Old Windows

4 New Uses for the Old Windows

Posted 2018-03-04 by JaneWilson911follow
Have you ever wondered what to do with the old windows once you're done with the renovation of your house? Many people just throw them away, but if you're interested, you can create some pretty cool things from them. We recently replaced our old wooden windows with some new aluminium frames, so I was left with the big decision what to do with the old ones. And since I am into DIY projects and don't like to throw everything away just like that, I found these 4 cool ideas for new uses for the old windows. Check them out, maybe you'll find something you like or need.

Cork board made from an old window frame. This is a neat and quite simple project, which will help you not only re-purpose your old window, but will also help you get more organised. All you need is an old window frame, lots of corks from wine bottles, an old pane, some paint, some glue, and you have a DIY project! You'll have to clean the window frame, paint it in the colour you like, attach the pane to the back of the frame, arrange the corks and glue them to the surface. It's that simple!

Picture frame from an old window. This is another very simple project you can finish in a couple of hours. You just need to get the old window and some pictures. You can either use only the frame or the entire window, it's your choice. Depending on the condition of the frame, you can either clean the frame and repaint it, or just clean it, if you think it looks good enough. Then you can get a piece of cardboard with the exact size of the window, and arrange and glue the pictures to it gently. Then you can attach the cardboard to the window frame with some nails or glue (the cardboard is the back of the frame). After that you just need to attach some hooks and hanging wire, and you can proudly display your pictures in your home.

DIY coffee table. This is a little more difficult project, which requires certain construction skills, but if you feel motivated, you can always try it. The easiest way to fulfil this project is to get the window with the frame and the case. You need to clean the window and repaint it if needed. Then you can seal the frame of the window with a piece of wood or any other strong material you can find around your home. Then you'll need to attach the legs and you're done! You can even open the top part of your new coffee table and store things in there, like magazines for instance, or decorate it somehow. Pretty neat!

Mirror from a window frame. Another nice and quite simple project, which still requires lots of concentration and precision to be done correctly. You will need an old window frame and a mirror, which is the same size as the frame. You can paint the window frame any way you like, and then turn its back and apply some strong glue to the edges. You can also use a cotton swab or something to spread the glue evenly on the back of the frame. Then you should lay the mirror on a clean surface with the face up, pick up the window frame gently, and place it over the mirror. Then leave it to dry for at least a couple of hours. Then your new mirror will be ready to be hanged somewhere!


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