Organizing and Displaying Childrens Art

Organizing and Displaying Childrens Art

Posted 2015-03-04 by Janinefollow
Children love to have their art displayed and admired. Over time, these art collections add up and create clutter. The following ideas are some ways to display favourite pieces and help conquer the clutter!

Wire Wall Art Display

  • 2 Wooden spools
  • Wooden shapes (painted or unpainted)
  • Picture wire
  • 2 Screws (length of your spools and extra to attach to the wall)
  • Clothes pin or peg

  • Method:
  • Paint your wooden shapes if you need to. Allow them to dry and drill a guide hole through the middle of the shape.

  • I preferred to put my screws into studs on my wall or you can use anchors if you wish. Mark out the location for your anchors and insert or drill guide holes for your screw.
  • Wrap picture wire around one wooden spool.

  • Attach the spool and wooden shape to the wall with your screw.

  • Attach the opposite end spool and shape to the wall.
  • Wrap the picture wire around the remaining spool and tighten with pliers.
  • If you wish, you can paint over the screw with paint the color of your shape.
  • Attach pictures to the wire with clothes pins.

  • Binder Organization

  • Binder
  • Hole punch
  • Plastic sheet covers

  • Method:
  • Sort out pictures and punch holes in any that are about letter or A4 size.

  • Put odd sizes of art that can not be punched into a plastic sheet cover.

  • Insert everything into a binder.

  • You may also wish to frame individual pieces of art. Inexpensive frames can be purchased or old frames re-purposed and used to adorn play room walls.

    Possibly the easiest solution is to create a frame with painters tape. Cut the ends off with scissors and your piece of art is mounted on the wall with it's own easily removable frame! This also works well for art that is very large.

    Another great idea can be found on DecorNotes using magnetic strip tape .


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