Snail Place Cards

Snail Place Cards

Posted 2014-06-28 by Jane Streetfollow
Create some crazy snail place cards to add a bit of fun to a party table. I used these beautiful sea snail shells found on a beach.

  • Paper or cardboard
  • Snail shells
  • Pen

  • Beautiful sea snail shells gathered from the beach

  • Cut a rectangle of paper or card.
  • Write the place setting name onto the card using a joined up script.
  • Draw a snail body at the end of the place card, joining the end of the name to the snail body, to make the name look like a snail trail. You could use a silver or gold pen for a great look.

  • Place the snail shell on the body of the snail.
  • Place at the table where you would like that person to sit.

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