Magnetic Strip Picture Rail

Magnetic Strip Picture Rail

Posted 2014-03-11 by Jane Streetfollow
If you have an ever-changing profusion of kids' artwork to display, it makes sense to have a way to easily hang pictures which can be swapped over quickly.

A noticeboard is cheap and easy to put up. For something more unusual, or to cover a large area, you could try fixing a metal strip to the wall and using magnets to attach the pictures.

I bought a roll of metal tape from LaPaDD . It already had a strong foam adhesive strip attached to the back, making it easy to attach to the wall.

The metal strip was easy to cut to size with scissors. We attached ours along the length of our playroom wall to give plenty of hanging space for large pictures. Artwork can be quickly attached to the metal strip with regular magnets.

Metal strip attached to the wall

Attach pictures with regular magnets

The metal strip would also be ideal for a kitchen - it could be cut to fit into a small space and used to fix notes, receipts etc instead of a regular noticeboard.

What solutions do you have for hanging kid's artwork or alternatives to a regular noticeboard? Please share your ideas in the comments forum.


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