Easy Easter Bunny

Easy Easter Bunny

Posted 2015-03-17 by Therese Bfollow
Paper mache items are easy to find these days in all major craft stores.They provide a great base to create simple but effective decorations, to either show off on their own or to add to a more elaborate display.

This painted paper mache Easter bunny is very easy and cheap to make and can be decorated in a variety of colours to suit your decor.

Painted paper mache Easter bunny

  • Paper mache bunny, available from most craft stores.
  • Acrylic paint in your choice of colour.
  • Paintbrush
  • Craft ribbon of your choice to decorate.
  • Gloss varnish if you would like a glossy finish to your project. I used DecoArt brand.

  • Method:

  • Paint your bunny in your desired colour. Make sure the brown paper mache is well covered, you may like to do two coats of paint.

  • Ensure the brown paper mache is well covered in your choice of paint

  • Using some pink paint (or again, the colour of your choice), paint the inside of the ears. These figurines usually have an indent to give you an idea of where to paint.

  • Paint the insides of the ears where the contours are.

  • Time to paint the eyes. I used light blue paint with a dash of black for the middle.

  • Paint the nose. I found all the paper mache bunnies in the shop had slightly different shaped noses so there wasn't much of a guide. I had to "wing" it a little and painted an upside down, round edged triangle.

  • Paint the nose on your bunny

  • Once the paint has dried, paint your bunny with your gloss varnish and leave to dry. It won't take long. You can see in the picture how the varnish gives it a lovely, shiny look. Once dry, decorate with your choice of ribbon.

  • You can see how the different choices of ribbon change the look of your bunny and can be chosen to fit in with the colour theme of your Easter decorations

    Notes: If you're not too good with a paintbrush when it comes to painting things like eyes & noses, there is no need to worry with a project like this. You can just paint over your mistakes with the base colour and start again. (I personally had a few goes at the nose until I was happy with the result).


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