Using Wall Murals for Art and Inspiration

Using Wall Murals for Art and Inspiration

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Most people enjoys good artwork, and one of the most unique ways to display art in your home is to consider having a wall mural made.

Good use of large walls
A mural can be something original to consider, especially if you have a large wall area in your home and don’t know what to use it for. Using a mural can be a dramatic way to express yourself and incorporate your personal tastes in your home decor.

An image covering your wall is a powerful and effective way to display art in your home and to help set the mood and atmosphere of a room. Large images like a waterfall, for example, can help you relax, or maybe you need to stay motivated by using an image of a successful pro athlete in action for your home office.

Find a subject you like
Focus on the types of photographs that are appealing to you, and simply choose a subject area you won’t get tired of looking at. You can find a variety of images on the internet, or you can use your own personal ones to convert into a large sized mural.

Preferably, your choice should be a picture that brings to mind quiet relaxation, inspiration or happy memories. Maybe a photograph of a woodland scene could be used on the entire wall of your living area, or possibly a seashore or ocean scene for the bedroom.

Use images that reflect your personal tastes
Let your imagination take you away to the kind of images that reflect your personality and inner desires. If you like to dream about taking a romantic getaway to an island , look for island type photos. Or, if you enjoy seeing the night lights of a city, you might choose a cityscape photo. If you love bike riding or hiking, or sporting events, or boating, look for those kind of images. Whatever your personal interests are can be reflected in the type of images you choose.

Materials can vary
The great thing about choosing to decorate an entire wall with an image is that the size can be as big as you want it to be, and the type of materials used can also vary, from different types and thicknesses of paper, to vinyl, or even cloth. And, murals can be made so that they are removable , which is something that most people don’t know. So if you decide to change up your photo in the future, to something else, you can do that by using removable materials.

Not many people realize how easy it is to order murals and have them made, and of course the price will vary greatly, depending on what size you need. There are many online companies that you can look at for ordering them. You can also search stock photo websites, such as iStock Getty Images for professional photographs. There is usually a download fee to access high quality images on the web.

Good subject picks
Or, if you decide to have your own images converted into a mural, you could use a special photo that represents a happy memory, and is comforting to you, such as a photo of you and your parents when you were a child, or something romantic, such as pictures that were taken on your wedding day or honeymoon. Anything personal makes a good large image for your walls. Just about any image you have, can be made into a mural, providing it is a high quality photo that can be scanned at a high resolution.

Most murals for home decor or made using photographs, However, there are also some painters that specialize in painting in-home murals. But, a custom painting project would most likely be more expensive.

How murals affect space
A large mural can help spark your imaginations of anyone who views it. Murals are often used to make a crowded space feel more expansive, such as using an ocean view on one wall of a small apartment. Murals can also create the illusion that a larger open space is more cozy, such as a mural of a Paris restaurant in a large room. In children’s rooms, a mural can help to animate a favorite movie character , such as Winnie the Pooh, Spiderman, or Cinderella, for example.

Next time you move to a new apartment, or into a new home, you should consider having some murals made that will make your decor very original and personal.

Murals can affect emotions and mood
Images are a powerful way to help set the mood of any room and they can affect your emotions and state of mind in a subliminal way. The use of large images especially can have a very comforting effect on you, when the images you select are of some event or occasion that you hold dear.

People enjoy taking photographs of everything, so your choice for the kind of image to use in a mural is full of possibilities. If you decide to have a mural done, It might surprise you how much more important those personal photos become to you, and how much more you will enjoy them when you make them part of your home decor.


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