Tree Trunk Garden Decor Ideas

Posted 2014-08-10 by Jane Streetfollow
Tree trunks can used in so many different ways to add interesting features to a garden. Here are a few ideas.

Tree stump chairs
Use a chainsaw to cut a wedge out of a tree stump to make an interesting outdoor chair.

Tree stump chair

Tree trunk path
Cut a tree trunk into discs and lay out as a stepping path.

Tree trunk path at Arlington Court

Tree trunk stepping stones
Alternatively, cut a trunk into discs and space them out to create stepping stones. Lines or patterns could be cut into the discs for extra interest.

Tree trunk stepping stones

Tree trunk hut
I loved this tree trunk hut which I spotted at Arlington Court

Tree trunk cabin

Floor of hut

Tree trunk toadstools
A collection of tree trunk fairy mushrooms would add a magical touch to a forest garden and could also be used as stools.

Carved toadstools on sale at Basildon Park

What interesting ways have you seen tree trunks being used in a garden? Please share your ideas in the comments forum.


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