Henna Art on Recycled Media

Henna Art on Recycled Media

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Applying henna on recycled stuff can turn them into unique and exotic accessories or art pieces.

Henna is a natural dye that is usually used in temporary tattoo body art or in colouring hair. When applying them on some recycled or natural media such as glass, recycled paper, timber or plain pot, I find the reddish-brown henna pigment creates a lovely exotic, vintage and rusty effect that I love. Moreover, its color can last for quite a long time if you don't wash it away.


Natural henna paste cones
recycled glass jars
recycled glassware
recycled paper or card board
recycled timber
plain pots
vanish paint, optional


  • The henna paste is packed in cone. It looks like an icing cone for cake decoration. The paste cones can be purchased online.

  • Cut a tiny hole at top end. The smaller the hole, the more easier you can control the width of drawing lines.

  • Hold the cone just like hold a pen, squeeze gently to draw.

  • Try a few sample testings on paper or glass until you are confident to start with.

  • Does it look like the chocolate icing cone? You can master it easily if you 've already experienced lots of cake decoration.

  • Select glass as the first medium to start with, as all pigment on glassware can be easily washed away in warm water.

  • I tried to draw some simple lines and patterns on an old glassware and a recycled glass jar.

  • Set aside and allow to dry. It takes about 3 to 4 hours or longer to dry completely at room temperature.

  • Coat with vanish paint for better protection if you like.

  • Try on other recycled medium such as paper/card board, timber or plain pot.

  • Enjoy making your art pieces.

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