Easy Floating Shelf Storage for Small Spaces

Posted 2014-06-21 by Janinefollow
Many two storey houses have a small bathroom on the main level with a pedestal sink and toilet. This means that guests and family do not have to go upstairs to use the amenities but these rooms are usually lacking in storage. Adding a few simple shelves can provide storage and break up the plain walls. Floating shelves are my shelf of choice as the brackets and hardware are hidden in the shelf itself.

  • Floating shelf
  • Stud finder
  • Mounting hardware
  • Screwdriver(s)
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Painters tape

  • Method:
  • Measure the space for your shelf. My space was 62.5 cm so I had just enough room for a 60 cm shelf.

  • Try to locate studs. It is always great if you can fasten into studs but if not, use your own mounting hardware versus the manufacturers hardware.
  • Floating shelves have a bar mounted inside the shelf itself so I put painters tape on the bar, marked the holes that were to be drilled and transferred the tape to the wall. This allows you to measure, adjust and level your holes before applying any hardware.

  • Using painters tape means that you will not remove any of your paint when repositioning or removing the tape.

  • Once the tape is in the desired location, mark through the tape onto the wall. Put in your mounting hardware.
  • Attach the shelf bar and slide on the shelf.

  • I mounted 2 shelves and added baskets for storage of toilet paper, soap and kids wipes. The shelves were mounted at just under 4 feet and just over 5 feet to avoid being plundered by busy hands.

  • I made use of an empty corner and created storage for items that previously had to be stored elsewhere in the house. The total time for installation of the two shelves took me about 45 minutes.


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