Quick living room cleaning and freshening up decor guide

Quick living room cleaning and freshening up decor guide

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If you are in a hurry and want to quickly clean and freshen up your living room to prepare it for the guests this guide is exactly for you. It will show you how to provide an effective and swift cleaning of your living room and refresh the décor in it. Use the tips here which will take you no more than 15 minutes for the cleaning.

First you should supply with suitable tools and materials for the cleaning. These are a waste basket, an empty box, one damp and one dry cloth, room freshener, vacuum cleaner, fresh flowers and plants and calming musing.

Put one waste basket and one empty box in the centre of your living room. Collect all dirty dishes and glasses and take them to the kitchen. Rinse them and load the dishwasher with them.

Then, collect the rubbish by picking all newspapers, old magazines, wrapping paper and put them into the waste basket. Gather all items which don't belong in the living room like garments, toys and others in the empty box. Take the box and the waste basket out of the living room and to the garage or other place to be out of side. You will put the items away later when you have time.

Take the two cloths and use the damp one which should be squeezed of the excess water to wipe clean pictures, shelves, cabinets and other objects. Use the dry cloth to wipe the surfaces after cleaning them with the damp cloth. Clean this way as many areas and items as you can avoiding only TV, laptop and computer screens which you should wipe with a dry microfibre cloth. Wipe with the damp and then with the dry rag the tabletops and objects.

Now you can put books and magazines on the coffee table. Change the decorating items to other positions to make them look better in the room. You can add new paintings, shelves on walls, replace old lighting fixtures with new more suitable for the living room. Or you can just replace the lighting fixture in the living room with such in any other room.

You can replace antique and art pieces from your bedroom or other room to the living room or buy new ones and put them in this room. On the shelves or on the walls they will look good. If you have more lighting fixtures besides the main one, you can change their position and put them on suitable areas so that no place is left dark.

If you have more time left you can use the dampened and dry cloths to wipe the dust and bug stains from the lighting fixtures. Wipe the internal and external surfaces of the fixtures. Make sure there isn't any dusty and visibly dirty area and surface in the living room to feel calm when your guests arrive.

Put fresh flowers or pots with flowers in the living room somewhere on the floor or on some of the cabinets. You can spray with a light refreshing deodoriser to make the room pleasantly scented. If you have time Tenancy Cleaners Kensington advises to quickly vacuum the main traffic areas. While doing the cleaning and decorating changes you can turn on relaxing and soothing music for inspiration and more effective work.

By applying these easy and little time consuming steps you can freshen up, improve the décor and make your living room look better without buying new items for it. Plan in advance what you will do, supply with suitable cleaning, refreshing and decorating objects and do the innovations. Use this guide to prepare your living room for your guests.


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