Large DIY Picture Frame

Posted 2014-11-05 by Janinefollow
If you have something very large you would like to frame but find the cost of purchasing a frame prohibitive, check out this how-to for an extra large picture frame!

  • Raw lumber - I used 1 X 6 spruce
  • Mitre saw
  • Wood glue or some kind of adhesive for wood
  • 4 joint braces or corner braces
  • Wood stain or paint
  • 2 eyelet screws
  • Picture wire

  • Method:
  • Measure out the size of the frame you want. The map I wanted to frame is 32 inches by 45 inches (80 cm by 115 cm). As I was using 1 X 6, the outside of my frame is about 5 feet long.
  • Purchase your lumber. Try to get as straight a piece as you can as this will help keep your corners clean. If your pieces are long, many lumber stores will cut them for you into more manageable lengths.
  • Set your mitre saw to 45 degrees and cut. Measure out your interior length and cut again. Make sure that your angles are both facing opposite directions.

  • Repeat for all 4 sides.

  • Apply wood glue or other wood adhesive to the corners. Secure your braces.

  • Allow the glue to dry and then sand the frame. If you are looking for a rustic look, a light sanding will do. If you wish for a more clean look, you may need to use wood filler and spend some more time sanding.
  • As I was staining a piece of soft, dry spruce, I applied a wood conditioner before my stain so that the stain had a more consistent look. Let the wood conditioner dry and apply your stain or paint.

  • When the stain is completely dry, attach your picture. To do this with my map, I simply attached the map to a large piece of cardboard and stapled the cardboard to the frame. The map itself will not be damaged and I can easily remove the cardboard if I want to change the picture.

  • Measure the frame into thirds and on the top third, attach the eyelet screws. Thread the picture wire between them and secure. I put a bit of masking tape around the ends to prevent scratches.

  • Hang with appropriate hanging hardware and enjoy!

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