How to Give Your Bathroom That SpaLike Feel

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Who wouldn’t like to spend an occasional weekend in a spa resort, far from the city rush and everyday problems? If you find yourself in the unlucky lot who gets to do so only once or twice a year, here’s the good news. Following these six simple tips, you can transform your mundane bathroom into a private spa area that will take care of all your senses, removing the daily stress just as the March sun melts the icicles of February.

Separate It from the World
One benefit of enjoying a spa is that you feel disconnected from the rest of the world. You are basking in the warm pool and there is nothing else there other than your pure pleasure and the swell of positive thoughts. So, the first thing you need to do is to make a barrier between you, your bathroom and the rest of the house. An exotic wood dressing screen and a couple of big lush plants that will separate your tub from the rest of the bathroom.

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Beauty is in the Eye of Bather
Next, you need to furnish your spa with every convenience for a complete wellness experience. Pungent bath salts, aromatic soaps and lotions, however, should be displayed with taste. You can use decorative wicker baskets for storage or even remove the products from their plastic containers and put them into designer glass jars that would look lovely in the candle light. You can augment your pleasure even more by equipping your tub with a wooden caddy. This way you can have a nice glass of red, or write a few lines in the moments of inspiration.

Unexpected within the Expected
The third thing you need is a meditation piece. Something that is there but shouldn’t be, or something displaced, out of time or out of shape. A detail that will grasp your imagination. It can be a huge mirror reflecting the light of candles against the catchy shower curtain. Maybe a seaside-themed vignette with a starfish as the centerpiece. Even a vintage brass shower stalk with a large head can transport you into a time when people used to find more joy in small things.

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Posh It up
Now you need to add your bathroom an extra touch of class and exclusivity. Add a comfortable seat, why not a full size faux leather arm chair. It will tolerate the moisture better than a leather or fabric one and you won’t have to sit on the tub ledge ever again. If you change your shower head to multi head with low flow aerators, you will keep the water bill low and still have a majestic treatment.

Cater to All Your Senses
There has to be nothing that can spoil your spa session. And there are ways to neutralize all the things that annoy you. If you can hear street noise or a neighbor’s kids downstairs, hang a pair of speakers and play white noise or chill-out music that will mask the sounds you don’t want to hear. A fluorescent tube on the ceiling is nobody’s idea of a romantic, mood light. Replace it with warm color LEDs or simple beeswax candles .

Warm and Pampered
Stepping right out of the steaming tub onto cold tiles is surely going to spoil the charm. Equip your spa with plush bath mats and soft slippers. A thirsty towel and a warm bath robe will help you make the transition from your dreamlike spa into the reality.

In the world in which our lives are constantly ridden by problems and challenges, having a refuge like a self-made bath-spa can mean a lot. By making a few of these simple modifications, you will enjoy every moment you spend there, while your body is mood restored and your body rejuvenated.


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