Twine Wool DIY Lampshade

Twine Wool DIY Lampshade

Posted 2014-04-24 by dianafollow
Have you seen woven lampshades and thought you'd like to give it a go. This is a fun way to try it, though much patience is required. Grab a hanging planter, a comfy chair and start weaving.


Hanging planter basket
Twine and wool in different colours


  • Clean your planter basket and remove any rusty or hanging parts.

  • Start off by weaving one shade of wool, round and round, keeping the weave tight.

  • When you tie off your first colour, start your second colour and weave round keeping the thread tight.

  • With each colour that you add make sure to keep compact, sometimes weaving over the same patch again.

  • You can even add ribbon or fabric to it, but it you have the patience, continue along all the way in wool and twine for a more uniform look.

  • See Ana Kras Bon Bon Lanterns for inspiration.


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