Thrift Store Bird Bath

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A bird bath should be an easy addition to a backyard so don't let the cost of garden center baths scare you. There are other ways to make a bird bath to add to your garden! Thrift store finds can make a great bath to get the look (and price tag) you desire!

  • Bowl - this could be a decorative bowl, ceramic plant tray or old pot lid.
  • Stand - a tall container, candle holder, or even a unwired light would work.
  • Spray paint
  • Rocks

  • Method:
  • I started with two pieces from my local thrift store; a glass bowl and tall ceramic vase.

  • Clean articles thoroughly. If you are going to paint, it is a good idea to use a cleaner containing trisodium phosphate (TSP) as it will get rid of grim and grease stains. A light sanding will also be needed for metal materials.
  • Prime your pieces if required.
  • Spray paint with your desired colour.

  • Let your pieces dry.
  • Add weight to your bottom piece. I filled the ceramic vase with pea gravel. You could also create a cement base and place your light stand or candle holder in it. Refer to the method that I used to create garden stepping stones .
  • Add rocks and water to your bowl.

  • I did not adhere the bowl to the base so that I can easily remove it to wash.
  • Set out your new bath in the garden for the birds to enjoy!

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