Photo Transfer Portrait

Photo Transfer Portrait

Posted 2014-06-27 by dianafollow
This is a great way to turn a photo into personalised portrait.

  • A black and white photocopy of a photo
  • A solvent: Citra Solv or mineral turpentine
  • A blender pen
  • Acrylic or Oil paints
  • Canvas Board
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue

  • Take you photo and photocopy and enlarge in black and white. Cut out the part of the photo that you would like to transfer and lay onto your canvas.

    Dip your blender pen into solvent. Citra Solv is safer to work with. Otherwise mineral turps works too, but wear gloves and do this part outdoors. Hold firm onto your photocopy and rub the blender pen dipped in solvent over the back of the image pressing down in small circles.

    The back of the image will become translucent. Go over it 2 or 3 times this way.

    Remove photocopy to see your photo transfer.

    You can colour around your image with oil pastels and blend it down with mineral turps which gives a watercolour effect. This canvas needs to be left out 24hrs to dry to rid of the turps smell. Turps are also flammable, so perhaps consider painting with either
    acrylic paints or oil paints & linseed oil.

    Cut out felt letters and glue to the canvas.


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