Lavender Sachets

Posted 2014-03-14 by Lindsay Lawfollow
Lavender is a traditional way to provide a lovely fragrance to linens, drawers, and pillows. It's a natural moth repellent, and a welcome antidote to the many chemicals that are pushed upon us to fragrance our homes. In fact, the benefits of lavender might be more than just folklore; scientific studies have demonstrated that lavender has a calming effect.

I found a packet of lavender in a material shop when I was looking for something else entirely. I then spotted some organza wedding favour bags, and knew exactly what to do with them both: tiny, little bags of lavender for my daughters' pillows, and my drawers.

You don't need many materials for this one, and you don't need to do any sewing or other finicky preparation.

Organza bags

  • Pour the lavender into the organza bags. My husband helped me hold open the bag, but I could have used a little funnel.

  • Secure the bags with their ribbon in a bow. If you tie it like that then you can easily replace the lavender. However, if you'd like to be more secure, tie it in a double knot so it doesn't slip out and spill everywhere.

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