Handpainted Rolling Pin

Handpainted Rolling Pin

Posted 2014-03-30 by Lindsay Lawfollow
Brighten up a plain wooden rolling pin by painting the handles with a non-toxic paint.

  • Wooden rolling pin
  • Masking tape
  • Paint brush
  • Non-toxic paint (I used Annie Sloan chalk paint )
  • Non-toxic soft wax

  • Method
  • Wash your rolling pin in hot soapy water to make sure it is grease-free and allow the paint to adhere to the surface. Leave to dry.

  • We are only painting the handles of the pin, so you'll need to masking tape off the ends to ensure a clean, straight finish. Carefully wrap masking tape around the ends, then fold it over onto itself to make a little tab. This makes it much easier to remove at the end.

  • Using a small paintbrush and non-toxic paint completely cover the handles at each end of the rolling pin. Make sure you have even coverage, and do two coats if necessary.

  • Leave the pin to dry. It can be tricky to find somewhere to dry it that doesn't make the pin roll away. I used a silicone food tray - it had just the right amount of tack.

  • Once dried, remove the masking tape.

  • Apply the soft wax, as per the instructions on the tin, with a lint-free cloth. Once it is dried it's non-toxic and will stand up to washing with soapy water. You can always reapply every few months.

  • Enjoy your new, brightly-coloured rolling pin!


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