Felt Cake Jewels Box

Felt Cake Jewels Box

Posted 2015-01-13 by dianafollow
Make your own dessert themed jewels box with felt.

Paper mache box
Double sided tape
Fancy stationary paper
Felt scrap booking embelishments

Measure out the width of your paper mache box and cut a strip of fancy stationary paper. Glue or use double sided tape to wrap it around the box.

Using felt with a sticky back makes this quicker, however glue works too. Add felt around the sides of the box lid, overlapping along the top. Measure out and cut a felt circle to glue to the lid top.

Make your felt desserts with layers on cut out felt squares, glued into a stack. You can decorate the tops with store bought felt scrapbooking embellishments, and also make your own.

To make the flower, start off with a felt swirl and gradually make into a flower shape by starting at the centre of the swirl. Add craft glue to flower base and glue to the cake top.

Tasty cake storage box...

For your bling!


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