Childrens Play Tent

Childrens Play Tent

Posted 2015-01-29 by Janinefollow
A special hideaway spot for kids to read, play and pretend. This inexpensive and easy tent can be ready in a couple hours, is portable and will provide endless hours of play for the kids in the playroom.

  • Sheets - minimum 2 twin flat sheets
  • Hula hoop
  • 3 meters of ribbon
  • Eye hook

  • Method:
    Note: In this method, I will refer to the top of a sheet (usually has a nice wide seam) as the head and the other end as the foot.

  • Put right sides of two clean sheets together. Sew up one side with a straight stitch. This will join your sheets into one large piece.

  • Open the sheets and lay right side facing up.
  • Fold down the foot of the sheet 24" (60 cm). Sew a 2.5 " (6 cm) seam. This will be the hula hoop channel.
  • Open the sheet at the foot and fold down another 2.5" (6 cm) seam. This will be the ribbon channel.

  • The bottom seam with the pins is the hula hoop channel. The other 6 cm seam at the top of the photo is the ribbon channel.

  • Cut two pieces of ribbon approximately 36 " (90 cm) in length.
  • Place one ribbon at the edge of your sheet along the channel for you ribbon. Place the other ribbon in the middle of your sheet in the same way. Sew the ribbon onto your sheet along your seam for the ribbon channel.

  • Fold the entire sheet in half length wise with right sides together. Sew a seam between the ribbon channel and the hula hoop channel. Make sure to leave the channels open. This will make the tent over your hula hoop.
  • Thread the remaining piece of ribbon through the ribbon channel. Gather the channel and when you have completely threaded the ribbon through, tie the ends together, leaving the length on one end only.
  • Pull through all 3 pieces of ribbon in your gathered opening to hang.

  • The short ribbon end is part of the ribbon that was threaded through. The other two pieces are the ribbons that were sewn into the seam. All pulled through, you will have 3 pieces to hang your tent.

  • Cut your hula hoop and thread it through the remaining opening. Use duct tape to put the hoop together once it is threaded.

  • Insert an eye hook into a secure spot on your ceiling and hang the tent.
  • Evenly distribute the fabric.
  • Decorate with bunting, add throw pillows, blankets or sheep skins and put in a small light.

  • A cozy spot to curl up with a book


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