Radiating Style

Radiating Style

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Even the most practical items in your home can offer some style to your room or be made as discrete as possible.

I live in an old house and it wouldn't be practical to try and install underfloor heating so I have radiators in every room.

Before selecting your raditor there are a couple of practical considerations to make before you get into the fun part of choosing a style.

Heating Capacity
The primary purpose of a raditor is to heat the room it's in. You can find online calculators to work out what heating capacity you will require. Once you know this you can work out how many radiators you require and what size they need to be.

Ideally, radiators should be located in the coldest part of the room. This is usually under a window.

Once you have the practical part worked out you can decide on what style you would like.

Radiator Styles
Gone are the days of boring old raditors and there are a vast array of different styles available from period cast iron to a funky modern look.

Basic panel radiator

  • If you don't want to draw attention to your raditor, a basic white panel radiator or one the same colour as your walls is the best to blend in. You can also purchase radiator covers with a grilled front which creates a handy shelf to display your treasures.

  • A period cast iron raditor looks great in an old property and these can also be sprayed to your chosen colour.

  • cast iron radiator

    I have two reproduction cast iron raditors but you can also find old ones at salvage yards but check that they have been thoroughly cleaned and pressure tested first. Cast iron radiators take longer to heat up than their modern counterparts but keep the heat for longer.

  • How about a slightly more modern twist on the period cast iron raditor. This one is similar in style but with rounded edges.

  • Don't forget your bathroom. A radiator can provide the dual function of heating and a good place to hand and dry your towels.

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