No Skill Flower Arrangements

No Skill Flower Arrangements

Posted 2014-04-28 by Oxford Explorerfollow
If you don't have flower arranging skills but you'd still like to add decoration with a touch of nature to your house, there are some simple techniques you can try.

A simple or unusual vase can make any bunch of flowers look great. Try a large vase with long stemmed flowers and you won't need to arrange anything to get an impact.

A slim vase with a small opening can be used with just one or two flowers to dramatic effect.

Vase Alternatives
Have a hunt through your house for alternatives to the traditional vase and they will become a feature in their own right. I was really taken by this green glass bottle which once held a delicious ale.

Try popping a few daffodil bulbs in a small container and then tie the stems with a ribbon to keep them together.


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