Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

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When the weather is good, your garden can become an outdoor room. A place to relax or entertain, it's just as important to design as your indoor rooms.

There are lots of different styles of garden furniture to choose from and to suit any budget.

Here are a few considerations and ideas.

Don't fill your garden with oversized furniture if space is limited. A simple table is perfect for smaller spaces. Some tables and chairs are easy to fold and store away during winter.

You could also consider a small bench that tucks into an unused space.

You can add a splash of colour for year round vibrancy. This cheerful yellow mosaic table is perfect for a Medditeranean style patio.


This large marble table set beneath a Magnolia tree makes a lovely spot to dine with a large group. Spread out a table cloth and for a meal and enjoy the added luxury.

This would be a large outlay from your budget. Why not try searching reclamation yards and make your own. This simple bench was made from some bricks and an old hearth stone.

Try before you buy is always good advice. When looking at furniture, make sure you sit on it and check how comfortable it is. This outdoor set has waterproof wicker effect chairs with cushions. The cushions can be brought inside at the end of the day.

If you want to keep your furniture outside all the time then consider what it's made of. Teak is a popular choice for tables, chairs and benches. It's hard wearing and can be kept outside in all seasons.


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