Dine with splendour adding elegance to your dining room

Dine with splendour adding elegance to your dining room

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Adding elegance to your dining room can be incredibly simple, with just a few well-thought out touches; you can create a space that wouldn’t look out of place in a boutique bistro, but a space that still contains that inviting charm needed for everyday meals.

The key to creating an elegant dining room is maximising the space you have, borrowing from the past, whilst also looking to the future. To help you in doing this, I have put together a number of key design ideas that I believe work very well. Read on to find out more.

Make the most of the space you have
To avoid a cramped and cluttered room, be sure to carefully consider every inch of space you have. Ask yourself the question “does it really need to be in the dining room?” If you find that you have something that doesn’t, simply move it elsewhere.

Too much wood for example (table, chairs, flooring, cabinets etc.) can be a bit overwhelming. Think creatively about the pieces you bring into the room and focus on the detail. To give it that inviting charm that an elegant dining room should contain, the room should contain only the basics. And by basics, I mean a table, chairs, lamps, possibly a sideboard and minimal decoration.

Borrow from the past

Cast iron radiators ,chandeliers, candelabras; dining rooms of the past contained many kinds of exquisite touches and these are all touches you can borrow to add elegance to your dining room. Travel back one hundred or so years ago and the dining room would have been the focal point of any home that had one.


As this room was designed for entertaining guests, it would be the room where all of the home’s finest fixtures and fittings would be found. Take inspiration from this and ensure that the heating and lighting in this room is provided by statement pieces.

Adopting a clean colour scheme

Providing a contrast against the items from the past that are mentioned in the previous point, adopting a clean colour scheme will add a modern edge to the room. Consider utilising shades of white or neutral colours for the walls and floors and splashes of colour and patterns elsewhere in the room.

Make the furniture a key feature of the room

As previously mentioned, a dining room should only really contain the essentials. With this is in mind, the furniture you choose should be incredibly striking. For a more traditional look, think about solid oak or pine wooden tables with matching chairs, while for a more contemporary look; consider glass table tops with accompanying chairs featuring patterned fabric covers.

Should you with to go for a less formal look and you have the room, perhaps match your dining furniture with oversized extra seating. Adding this seating to the corners of the room will give it more of a relaxed feel and will also make the room multi-purpose.


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