Decorating for YOU Living Room Decor

Decorating for YOU Living Room Decor

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Do you look at homes in magazines and wish they were yours? Well, here’s a little secret. Your home can be even nicer, because it’s YOUR home! Try a few simple tweaks to bring that real feeling of YOU home!

A Vase of Flowers

We’re discussing the living area here because it’s an area that people struggle with. It’s the room guests see, whereas your bedroom is purely about you and your taste and who cares if there’s a pile of dirty clothes in there right?

Over the years most of us collect numerous accessories, from vases to photo frames. You want to choose one theme, and have that theme apply to every ornament in the room. Don’t have a rustic photo frame paired with a glamorous oriental vase, choose one or the other. Remember you can change it again next week!

Don’t go too crazy, you might not like minimalism, but that doesn’t mean you have to have every decoration you own on display. Working on a rotational basis means you will appreciate special objects more. Your sentimental ornaments won’t be overwhelmed by others, and next week your oriental vases can adorn your mantle piece for a change of pace.

Glass or metal accessories will match most furniture, if you’re thinking of buying new things. Try Vinnies before you opt for expensive new stuff. Remember the world is full of nervous designers who change their minds with their underwear. Cash in on their indecisiveness!

Take note of the empty spaces on your walls. If your furniture is all square, then a square frame on the wall is a better idea than a round or oval one. Let shapes flow rather than stopping your eye dead on one spot. Opt for all square, or all round rather than a mixture. Obviously when you’re on a budget you need to work with what you have. Get your kids to create artwork, and put it in cheap, colourful frames. These are often available at Vinnies too.

A Painting Watercolour By Ailis

Rugs are a great way to decorate an area, or separate two different parts of the room, for example a play area or a dining area can be visually separated by using a rug in one or other, or even both. Rugs are cheaper, and more design friendly than walls for separating areas!

Remember that your design should reflect you and your family. If you want photos of you giving birth that’s ok! Move them when Aunt Betty comes to visit … or just tell her to get a grip! This is YOUR home, and it should be about your comfort, not about Aunt Betty’s yearly visit. Fill your space with things that have meaning to you and you can’t go wrong!


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