12 Ways You Can Decorate Your Small Space

12 Ways You Can Decorate Your Small Space

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Just because you’re living in a small apartment doesn’t mean you can’t make it look every inch like your ideal home. The lack of square footage may seem challenging, but there’s so much you can do to improve and glam up your space. Here are 12 amazing decorating tips to get the stylish apartment you’ve always wanted.

Keep your home clean
The first rule of decorating your small space is to ALWAYS keep it clean. Clutter has a way of making small spaces look overly crowded so make sure to put everything in its rightful place after use. If you have carpeted floors, hire a reliable carpet cleaning service to keep those carpets clean and sanitized.

Choose the right colours
While it can be exciting to use different colours for your apartment, a neutral color palette works best for small spaces. Choose light flooring and lighter colored walls to make your space bigger and wider. Earth tones especially are quite versatile and have a very homey feel to them.

Find retro furniture pieces
Retro furniture pieces may seem outdated on their own, but paired with modern furnishings; you can bring these pieces back with a vengeance. Retro pieces can offer a unique flavour to your modern interiors. Don’t be afraid to invest in a piece or two.

Use mirrors
Mirrors are great for illuminating light around a small space, giving you the illusion of a larger apartment. Just hang a large mirror in every room and it will instantly liven up the space. It doesn’t matter what type of mirror you use, as long as it’s big and properly mounted. The bigger the mirror, the better.

Use personal items as decorations
Don’t just store away personal items if you have little storage space. Look for creative ways you can store them out in the open. If you’re a book lover with limited shelving for example, you can use your books as home decor or furniture. Just pile up some interesting titles and use it as a corner table.

Pick up a couple of double purpose items
Everyone needs a good piece of double purpose furniture, so invest in some key pieces that you can take with you as you move on to bigger spaces. A good quality sofa bed is always a great piece to have, as well as ottomans that double as storage space. pick classical pieces that will work with all kinds of styles so even if you change your decor, you won’t have to change these furniture pieces.

Use your walls
When you live in a small space, the trick is to go vertical. Use your walls for mounted appliances, additional storage, or just to showcase your works of art. You can keep your apartment visually appealing just by finding creative ways to use your walls.

Go tall
Take advantage of vertical space, especially if you have high ceilings. Taller slimmer furniture pieces can make your space look wider without sacrificing functionality.

Hang curtains high
High curtains will make your room seem larger so if you’re going to hang curtains, make sure to do it as high as you can. Install your curtain rod a couple of inches below the ceiling if you want your apartment to look taller.

Don’t be afraid to use different patterns
Patterns can help you achieve a unique look and personality for your apartment so don’t be afraid to use different types in different rooms. Just remember to keep the colors consistent to a theme if you want to execute a well put together look.

Arrange your furniture wisely
Furniture arrangement is important since you don’t want to make it seem like all your pieces are confined in just one area or space. draw out a floor plan and organize your furniture and home decor so that your rooms don’t look too cluttered with different pieces.

Use wall mounted lighting pieces
Lighting is important in every small space so make sure to have a couple of lighting fixtures for your apartment. Use wall mounted lighting pieces to save space and at the same time, give your home a modern feel.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to look for inspiration and get decorating in your apartment. With the right tips and some key pieces, you can turn any space into a design dream in no time.


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