Woodland Theme Kids Bedroom

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A woodland theme is great for creating a gender-neutral kids' bedroom or playroom that works for a wide age range. It's an easy theme to find items at any budget.

Here are some ideas from my children's woodland theme bedroom.

Wall Stickers
Wall stickers are a really easy way to quickly decorate a space. They can usually be peeled off without any damage to the wall, making them ideal for rental properties. I found these beautiful woodland animals wall stickers which have a matt fabric finish. They look like they have been painted with watercolours directly onto the wall. We had fun placing the animals around the room with birds perched on light switches and window ledges, a fox nestled up next to the radiator and a deer curled up by the bed.

Red squirrel on the bookcase

We added forest light shades . They have sillhouettes of tree trunks and branches on the inside of the shade which means that they look white from the outside but the trees shine through when the light is switched on.

Fairy toadstool cupboard knobs
We painted some wooden fairy toadstool cupboard knobs and replaced the existing wardrobe knobs. Click here to find out how to make them.

Red and white spotty accessories look great with the fairy toadstools on the wall

Window blind
A red and white polkadot blind adds some bright colour and matches the fairy toadstool wall stickers and cupboard knobs.

We found this duvet set for my daughter in John Lewis . The print is gorgeous and I think it works for a girl of any age.

You could also try adding a green grass-like shaggy rug, red and white polkadot cushions or a fairy toadstool night light .

Do you have a woodland themed room? Please share a picture or add your ideas in the comments forum.


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