Wine Glass Tags

Wine Glass Tags

Posted 2015-04-28 by Jane Streetfollow
Here's how to make some personalised wine glass tags for a big party or wedding. The idea is that each guest has a different tag so they can easily identify their own glass later if they set it down. I tried out different patterns of wrapping paper as well as book pages and pieces of map - you could choose any paper to go with your party theme or decor. I liked the idea of using a book page with a love poem for a wedding.

What you'll need to make it:
  • Paper craft punch - I liked the 2" circle punch
  • Smaller craft punch (diameter bigger than the glass stem diameter)
  • Card
  • Interesting paper - try wrapping paper, book pages, sheets of music etc.
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

  • How to make it:
  • Glue the paper onto a piece of card with the glue stick.

  • I liked the idea of a love poem for a wedding

  • Punch out a large circle with the larger craft punch.

  • Punch a smaller hole in the large circle with the small craft punch.

  • Make a cut from the edge of the large circle to the small circle with the scissors. This allows the tag to be attached around the wine glass stem.

  • Attach a tag to each wine glass.

  • Try making a different pattern for each guest. You could also try a different shaped punch - I also liked this 2" petal punch for a different look.

    Petal shaped tag

    Try different patterns


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