Washi Tape Photo Frame

Washi Tape Photo Frame

Posted 2014-02-21 by EricaLfollow
I've had this rather boring picture frame for a long time, with intentions to drop it off with my next charity shop donation.

Boring picture frame

Instead of getting rid of it, I had an idea to give the frame a refreshed look using strips of Japanese washi tape.

I've ripped strips of alternate patterned washi tape and placed diagonally all the way around the frame without leaving gaps in-between.

Ripped strips of washi tape

Taped diagonally in alternate patterned pieces

No gaps

The underside does not look too pretty, but it doesn't matter because it will never be on show when covered with the back of the picture frame.

Underside of frame

The trickiest part, although not really that difficult to overcome, is the corner of the frame. I've taped pieces and used scissors to cut into the corner to allow me to fold the tape underneath itself.

Tape over corner

Cut into the corner of frame with scissors

Fold tape under itself

I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Washitaped finished frame

As it is such a quick and easy project I intend to try it out on a larger frame next time.


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