Upcyling Old Candle Jars

Upcyling Old Candle Jars

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If you feel bad about throwing out your pretty candle jars but are stuck for ideas of what to do with them, this article is for you. I will be sharing some useful ways to upcycle those candle jars so that you turn them into useful items for your home or office.

Depending on how you decide to upcycle, you may need some of the following:

  • Old candles
  • A pan and some boiling water
  • Old Costume jewellery
  • Espom salt
  • Scented oil
  • Tea Light
  • Ribbon

  • First of course we need to remove the excess candle wax. The easiest way I find to do this is to carefully place the candle in a pan of nearly boiling water. The heat will melt the candle wax away from the glass and you should be able to lift it out in one swoop. This is also a good opportunity to remove the side sticky label and if its being stubborn I find that some nail polish remover does the trick! You can now give the glass a quick wash to remove any left over label or candle wax.

    Next, take a moment to admire your new glass. It occurs to me that we could stop here and simply use this as a drinking glass. However if like me you have enough of those, read on!

    This is a good opportunity to put some old costume jewellery to use. I have taken an old bangle and placed it into the glass jar for decoration. You can of course use some ribbon around the outside of the glass as an alternative. Your jar is ready to be used to store cue tips, cotton buds or small items of jewellery or makeup.

    While your old costume jewellery is out, try taking a couple of elasticated bracelets and scrunch them into the jar. There should be enough gaps in which to stand your make-up brushes. I have added a couple of old pretty rings for décor. Of course you can also use epsom salt here which can be colored to suit the décor of your room.

    If you do decide to use epsom salt, try adding a couple of drops of scented oils to create a room freshener – great for any room in the house!

    And finally, you could glue some pretty ribbon to the outside of the jar and drop a tea light inside the glass to create a new candle!

    If you ever needed an excuse to buy more candles, this article is it! :)


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