Upcycled Sheet Music Wrapping Paper

Upcycled Sheet Music Wrapping Paper

Posted 2014-03-05 by Lindsay Lawfollow
This is a great way to wrap a present for a musical person, a musical gift, or just to do something a bit different with a birthday present. At Christmas, it would be lovely to get hold of old carol sheet music and wrap lots of little presents in that. I think a deep burgundy or red satin ribbon goes well, but you could pick any colour to suit you.

  • Old sheet music
  • Present
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Satin ribbon

  • Method
  • Lay out the sheet music and work out the best way for the present to be wrapped in it.

  • Neatly fold over the wrapping paper and secure with sticky tape.

  • Wrap the ends of the parcel by folding in the two sides, then folding up neatly and secure with tape.

  • Wrap the second end of the parcel, making sure both sides are symmetrical. Secure with tape.

  • Cut the appropriate length of ribbon and lay it flat over the top side of the parcel. Wrap round underneath and cross over, then secure with a bow on the top of the parcel.

  • Attach a gift tag, or write neatly in blank ink on a space between the music lines.

  • What other old paper do you like to use for wrapping paper? Or do you have any top tips for wrapping parcels? Share with us in the comments section.


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