Turn Hangers into Jewellery Stands

Turn Hangers into Jewellery Stands

Posted 2014-05-20 by RubysNotebookfollow
Jewellery hangers are great for keeping your necklaces separated and tangle free. Store bought jewellery hangers are often beautiful but can be pricey too.

All you need to make your own is:
  • A hanger
  • Some ribbon
  • And approximately 5 minutes!

  • Take your ribbon and fold it in half. Hang the ribbon over the neck of the hanger. This will not only look pretty but it will help to keep your ribbon in place when you hang jewellery from it.

    Then simply wrap the ribbon symmetrically around the hanger keeping it fairly taut but loose enough to be able to loop jewellery through. Tie another bow at the bottom of the hanger to keep it all in place.

    There you have it, a jewellery holder ready to be draped in your favourite necklaces and bracelets.


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