Transforming Placemats for a Party

Transforming Placemats for a Party

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If you're throwing a party of any kind, you will want your table set up to look beautifully co-ordinated. However you probably won't want to go and splash out on new place-mats for every party. Since co-ordinated table settings make all the difference, this article will give an inexpensive method to temporarily make over existing placemats.

You will need:

Your existing place-mats.
Plain paper
Some pretty tissue paper.

I recently threw an afternoon tea party and felt that my place-mats looked horribly out of place on the table.

I found some pale pink polka dot tissue paper which I had originally bought to wrap gifts. I simply covered the place-mats in the tissue paper and taped the back. To prevent the original print showing through the tissue paper I placed a sheet of plain white paper between the mat and the tissue paper. There it was – a brand new placemat which looked perfect on the table. The best part about it was that I could go back to the original placemat right after the party.

The pale pink polka dot paper worked really well for my tea party but you can do this with any print or color depending on the occasion.


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