The Complete Outdoor Styling Checklist

The Complete Outdoor Styling Checklist

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The outdoor area is often the last part of the home to come together in a stylish manner. Here are five tips for getting any home’s outdoor area looking like the pages of a magazine in no time.

1. Tend to Plants and Landscaping

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Plants and strong landscaping elements can add height and dimension to any outdoor area. If hiring a professional landscaping service is unaffordable, a homeowner can install and tend to the plants. As it is easy to forget to water plants, it can be just as easy and perhaps more dangerous to the plants’ well-being to water them too much. Low-maintenance potted plants provide an attractive amount of height to any patio or front porch area. No matter where the plants are going in the yard, it’s wise to talk to a landscaper or nursery worker before planting to discover which plants perform best in the climate and water conditions in different home environments.

2. Purchase Outdoor Furniture

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Having a place to lounge makes any outdoor area more enticing. Furniture can be a dynamic addition to any home, creating an extra living space outdoors. Today, furniture for the back and front yard is available in different materials. It’s wise to select a style of furniture that is weather-proof, such as wicker or treated wood. In areas with large amounts of rain and precipitation, cushions are an option, but must be removed from the furniture during periods of rain and snowfall in order to protect the cushion’s interior padding and exterior fabric.

3. Install a Patio Area

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Sometimes, it may seem relaxing to sit outdoors on a beautiful day, but upon closer look, the grass and bugs can take over the entire outdoor area. A patio comes in handy during these times, providing a tidy area to sit and lounge. Patio areas can be crafted using different materials, such as wood or cement, and are available for different budgets. A patio provides an excellent outdoor spot for furniture, grills and other accessories for the yard. It can be a great space to grow potted plants and vegetables in raised beds.

4. Incorporate a Water Feature

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The serenity of flowing water can make any home’s outdoor area a peaceful place to lounge. A water feature doesn’t have to be an expensive in-ground swimming pool. It can be a small fountain, a pond, or even a bird bath. The sound and sensation of moving water adds tranquility to a front or back yard’s natural beauty.

5. Add a Grill or Summer Kitchen

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During the warmer months of the year, cooking outdoors on a grill or summer kitchen can provide hours of family fun. Grills are easier on the budget and can move all around the yard. Summer kitchens can be installed to any patio area, and provide a permanent outdoor cooking area to the home. Either option can serve as a fun choice for any family who loves to eat and spend time together outdoors.


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