Simplify Your Bathroom

Simplify Your Bathroom

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Most of our bathroom activity takes place in the morning right? So, we should make sure this room is a pleasure to wake up to. Lightness and colour are really important. I know in most cases we have to work with whatever colours are already there when it comes to the fixtures but try to lighten the room up however you can. Paint the walls a light fresh colour and find ways to bring as much natural light in as possible.

Consider a skylight. They are inexpensive and easy to install. Otherwise a large mirror with a strip light on the wall above may help.

If you have the space, include some greenery like a potted fern and maybe some attractive scented candles for when you need to pamper yourself a little.

I have a 2-way mirror on a flexible arm attached to the wall especially for checking my make-up. I can bend it around to catch the light from the window.

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Have towels in different colours or tones for each member of the family. I did this for my children when they were younger. Their towels hung on the back of their door and I always knew who had left theirs on the floor, or hadn't put theirs out to be washed, etc. If towels are hung up properly and aired thoroughly, you should not have to change them more than once a week. Let’s face it, if you've just stepped out of the bath or shower you’re not going to dirty the towel, only wet it.

For washing hands I find that a liquid pump is less messy than soap, but instead of buying expensive hand wash I buy bulk bottles of cheap (but good) shampoo and decant it into the pump pack. This does the exact same job as the soap, is gentle and works out so much cheaper.

In the shower though, a body wash is the best alternative because as well as nourishing the skin, it also eliminates soap scum on the tiles. A non-soap liquid such as Dove brand is even better. (If you already have a build-up of soap scum, white vinegar should do the trick – and a scraper if it’s really bad.) If you wipe out the shower now and then and air it well, you should have minimal cleaning to do.

Bleaching is not recommended for tiles as it can cause the grouting to become porous. This can lead to moisture building up behind the tiles – bad news!

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Try to avoid shampoos that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate as they can be very drying to the hair and frequent use can cause hair to become brittle. This advice is good for men who are concerned about hair loss. (Here’s another tip regarding hair loss - try to avoid using a circular or scrubbing motion when towel-drying hair as this can weaken the base of the hair.)

I don’t use conditioner as I have fine, flat hair and this worsens the problem. My hair has been much healthier since I cut down to only one wash and rinse (no repeat) and cut out conditioner.

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I keep my every-day makeup in a rectangular plastic basket in the cupboard. It’s much easier to pick out what I need at a glance. Other makeup that I use less regularly is in a zip purse.

I wipe out the sink to keep it clean using the pump pack shampoo and toilet paper or tissues. It works beautifully and then I just flush the paper. I also do the same for the toilet seat.

I find that if I give the mirror a wipe over with the facecloth just before putting it in the hamper, and then finish off with a dry towel, it needs no other cleaning.

If your loo is in your bathroom it’s important to keep the lid closed when flushing and when not in use. Store your toothbrushes in a closed container or in a cupboard to avoid airborne bacteria settling on them.

I have one of those refillable toilet cleaners that hang over the toilet bowl. Instead of replacing the cartridge I refill it with the cheap shampoo. Just as effective, quick and easy and much, much cheaper.

Here’s a good tip: Stitch Velcro on the top and bottom of your hand towel. This keeps it firmly in place on the towel rail and you can ‘roll’ it so that it’s used evenly. To save room on your clothes line when drying you can Velcro one hand towel onto the bottom of another.

Always hang the bathmat up to dry between uses to avoid it becoming musty or mouldy.

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If you have young children, keep only a small selection of bath toys in the room and change them now and then. There are several ways to keep them tidy - A cloth or netting bag, a plastic hanging shoe organiser on the back of the door, a shelf, a pretty bucket or a basket with a lid.

My morning bathroom routine is now relatively pleasant, quick and easy and cleaning is minimal – just the way I like it.


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