Shell Hanging Decorations

Shell Hanging Decorations

Posted 2014-09-15 by Jane Streetfollow
Here's how to create some pretty hanging decorations from plaster of Paris. I used tiny shells for my decoration but you could try interesting buttons, sequins, beads etc.

You will need
  • Plastic drinking cup
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Disposable tub
  • Drinking straw
  • Ribbon
  • Small shells or other decoration items

  • Method
  • Cut a drinking cup in half to create the mould.

  • Mix the plaster of Paris in a disposable tub according to the pack instructions. We used about 2 parts palate to 1 part water. Stir well.
  • Pour the plaster into the drinking cup mould to your desired thickness - ours was about 1 centimetre thick.
  • Tap the drinking cup gently to release any bubbles in the plaster.
  • Allow the plaster to start to harden. When it is thick but not set, press a drinking straw into the plaster where you want the hole to hang the decoration up to go.

  • Press the shells (or other decoration items) into the wet plaster. Add a sprinkle of glitter for some sparkle.

  • Allow to set for around 24 hours then pop the plaster decoration out of the mould.

  • Add ribbon through the hole to complete your decoration.

  • If you want to make a coloured decoration, try adding a spoonful of powder tempera (poster) paint to the dry plaster powder at the beginning before mixing with water.


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