Romantic Bathroom Decoration

Romantic Bathroom Decoration

Posted 2015-10-08 by GabbyDIfollow
When turning a space into a romantic retreat, it is all about the right atmosphere. Bathrooms are intimate and private rooms, and you can create a romantic and warm feel with only a few changes and additions. Romantically decorated bathrooms are not reserved just for young couples or newlyweds, because they provide comfort and have a relaxing and soothing effect, perfect for the end of a long, hard day. Here are some suggestions for you bathroom romantic décor.



Wall color and lightning are key features for creating this kind of atmosphere. The space will feel more intimate if you opt for a warm wall color, such as chocolate, brick or terra cotta. Peach, gold or a variation of red color are perfect for small bathrooms because they would make the space look bigger. Lighter shades and softer colors like soft yellow or pale blue can be used for a romantic atmosphere. Make sure you complement the colors of bathroom accessories with the wall color. Find curtains, rugs, towels or vanities in complementary wall colors.


Some say that it is an essential part of creating a romantic atmosphere, but also the most overlooked. Actually, the way a space is lightened affects our perception of it, meaning that when you have control over lighting – you also control the mood. Use different types of lighting in soft tints. Try adding underwater lights in your bathtub, or buy a showerhead with built-in lighting. All in all, you should be able to control the lighting intensity, and adjust it to suit the mood you want to achieve. If you have a classic overhead fixture, attach it to a dimmer switch so you can control the intensity. Lighting some scented candles and scattering them around the room is never a bad decision.



Showers are more practical for daily use, but let’s face it – it is hard to have a romantic and relaxing night by standing in a shower booth. A standalone bathtub placed in the center of the room is probably the best option you can think of. Just picture whirlpool tub or a retro-vibe, claw-foot or cast iron tub, large enough for two people. It is an ideal option for achieving an elegant and intimate vibe. If your bathroom is small, mount a handheld shower head for taking quick showers. If your budget allows you, consulting a good interior designer would be a great move. There are plenty of fantastic designers specialized for bathroom renovations that Sydney has to offer, and having their eyes and experience on your side would be of great significance, if not crucial.

Fixtures & Furniture

Faucets, mirror frames, door handles, and other gilded metal hardware are most certainly going to contribute to the romantic appeal of your bathroom. If you find your simply-designed vanities and furniture boring, replace them with Victorian-style pieces. Victorian bathrooms are known for their romantic look. Go for furniture pieces and fixtures made of porcelain or metal.

When you are finished with decorations, remember that there are things that you do not see, but which also add up to the romantic appeal – scent and sound. Potpourri blends, scent candles and scent diffuser sticks should always be at hand. As for the sound, it all depends on your own romantic music taste. Create the right playlist and keep the remote beside the tub so you can control the sound when you want to. All these elements are there to excite your senses and produce a unifying, romantic and relaxing effect.


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