Repurposing Your Accessories Part 1 Belts

Posted 2015-01-20 by Colleen P Moynefollow
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Most of us have at least a couple of old belts hanging in the wardrobe or tucked away in a drawer, sometimes because they are no longer in fashion, but more often because they no longer fit. But there’s no need to toss them out. There are a number of ways we can re-purpose them around our homes, and here are just a few:

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- As a smart curtain tie-back. You can use a matching or contrasting colour.

- Pretty coloured belts make a lovely headband for you or your child and can be adjusted to fit any head perfectly!

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- To secure sleeping bags, quilts or blankets when not in use.

- To repair or replace straps on handbags, tote bags, suitcases or even musical instruments. A quality leather belt makes a great guitar strap.

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- A belt can be cut down to wear as a wrist cuff or bangle.

- With the price of dog and cat collars, it’s much more economical – and unique – to make your own. Why not treat your pet to a variety of looks for different occasions?

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- A belt with an attractive buckle can make a great necklace. Now that chokers are back in fashion you can make your own with a unique look.

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I’m sure there are many more ways that old belts can be given a new life. Why not have a rummage through yours and see what ideas you can come up with - or better still, check out your local thrift store where you’re bound to find a huge variety of colours, sizes and styles to choose from at very cheap prices.


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