Plaster of Paris Tealight Holder

Plaster of Paris Tealight Holder

Posted 2014-02-12 by Jane Streetfollow
These pretty tealight candle holders are cast from plaster of Paris and are cheap and easy to make.

Plaster of Paris is surprisingly easy to use and you can recycle just about anything as a mould. You can usually buy bags of craft plaster of Paris cheaply in discount craft or DIY shops.

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Small yoghurt pot or other small tub
  • Tealight candle
  • Coin
  • Disposable tub and spoon
  • Silver glitter (optional)

  • Method
  • Select a small tub for the mould - this will be the size and shape of your finished candle holder. We used a small yoghurt tub with a rounded shape.
  • Mix the plaster of Paris in a disposable tub according to the instructions on the bag. We mixed 2 parts plaster of Paris to 1 part water. Use a disposable tub so you can throw out the container when you have finished as you won't want to wash plaster down the sink.
  • Pour the plaster into the mould.

  • Leave it to set slightly for 15 minutes or so then press the tealight into the centre of the plaster. Weight down with a coin.

  • Weigh the candle down by placing a coin on top

  • Add a shake of silver glitter to the top if you wish.

  • Allow to harden for 24 hours then remove the coin and pop the plaster out of the mould.

  • Your tealight is ready to light. Once the candle is finished you should be able to pull it out and replace it with a new tealight to re-use the holder.

    For a coloured holder, try adding a shake of powder tempera paint to the plaster powder before you add the water.


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