Painting Tips For Your Summer Refresh

Painting Tips For Your Summer Refresh

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Summer is a great time for home décor projects. You can move furniture outside for a couple days without as much worry about rain, and with the kids home from school, you’ll have more help with getting projects done quickly. This is a great time to add a fresh coat of paint to your walls, just remember a couple of pointers:

Pick the Right Paint

Now, you can pick whatever colors of paint that suit your style, but the type of paint finish you choose is very important. If you have young children who scuff up or draw on the walls, you won’t want to spend more on a paint finish that won’t stand up to their wear and tear. Also, consider if you’ll be selling your home in the next couple of years and how the paint will look to potential buyers if the house is put on the market. Paint is something homebuyers are told to ignore, but it’s a big part of that important first impression.

Tape, Tape, Tape

The worse part about painting is two weeks later when you notice the uneven lines or the paint from the walls that ended up on the ceiling. Do yourself a big favor and use twice as much painting tape as you think you need. Be sure to tape the ceiling, window seals, and any wall edges that border an unpainted/differently painted surface.

Be Sure to Add Your Style

It may be tempting to stick with one color for all your walls, but consider ways to show off your unique personality. Consider choosing a wall as an accent, or painting a chevron design instead of a solid color. If you’re really ambitious, you could stencil a design that speaks to your passions, such as music, sports, or nature.

Summer is a great time for painting projects. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to love your new interior for years to come!


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