Paint Sample Wall Art

Paint Sample Wall Art

Posted 2014-03-01 by Lindsay Lawfollow
I like to gather loads of paint sample cards from my local diy store for inspiration. It seems such a waste to just throw them away. I found some with holes already cut into them, which sparked an idea, which turned into a way that you could use these gorgeous colour swatches to brighten up a white wall.

  • A3 mounting board
  • Spray Mount or Photo Mount adhesive
  • Paint chips/samples
  • Craft knife
  • Metal ruler
  • Cutting board
  • Frame

  • Method
  • First, plan your colour scheme. You could pick anything - from all acid brights, to pastels, to everything in one shade.

  • You can try out lots of different layouts. This was one of my first ones, and the one I decided to use.

    This looked too much like a paint colour chart, rather than something I had created.

  • Work out how many cards you will need to fit the board. You might need to trim at the end.

  • Using your spray mount, spray the back of the cards and then start to stick them to the mounting board. This section is quite boring, and will take you some time.

  • Be methodical - I went one vertical line at a time. Trim the bottom and top edges as you go along.

  • Do the final trimming.

  • You can leave it as is, unfinished, or you can frame further. I stuck mine on an untrimmed mounting board that I had spare, but later on I plan to buy a proper frame. This would work well in a flat or house with lots of white walls.

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