Neutral and Red Christmas Table

Neutral and Red Christmas Table

Posted 2014-12-29 by Lindsay Lawfollow
A tempting option for a festive table is a crisp, white tablecloth and linen napkins to go along with it. However, have you ever thought about using a more natural material? It works well with green and red, and can be accessorised with a beautifully runner, like I have done here.

To create this look I used:

Natural hessian-coloured linen tablecloth
Red berry runner
Natural hessian-coloured linen napkins
Red ribbon
Green ribbon

This look was built around the napkins. Although they look like hessian, they are beautifully soft, and when I was given them earlier this year I knew they would make a perfect napkin for Christmas.

Because they are a hessian colour, I didn't think they would work well with a bright white tablecloth. The neutral-coloured cloth was part of a basic range at a local supermarket, and the red berry runner was reduced. You can often pick up seasonal linen straight after Christmas quite cheaply, or look out for suitable colours and textures throughout the year.

Rather than go for a formal, structured napkin ring, I recycled some ribbon that I had in my craft stash. The deep red and green both work really well with this colour scheme.

The crackers carry through the red colour from the runner and the ribbons, but they also add a touch of pale green. I think this adds a little modern twist to a quite traditional look.

Although I usually would add a placemat I decided that the slightly more rustic feel of the tablecloth could stand up to not having one. It also has a pleasant texture, and adding another layer would have detracted from the cloth. My table is also quite a small one, only seating 4 (6 at a push), so it would have looked quite busy with placemats. However, on a bigger table I might have added mats that were in a similar pattern to the runner, or in a deep red.

This set up, without the napkins and cutlery, also works well for a buffet lunch table.


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