Miniature Mood Board

Posted 2014-04-27 by Lindsay Lawfollow
Most web articles will suggest that the bigger the better for mood boards, maybe A3, maybe even bigger. However, that limits the usefulness of the board when you go out and about shopping for your colour scheme, or new room.

So, I've put together an idea for a mini mood board that's the perfect size to slip in your bag when you're out and about.

  • Offcut of mounting board that will fit in your bag(most framing shops will be able to give you offcuts. I picked mine up from a local gallery, bespoke frame, and cafe that I love: You could also use stiff white craft card.
  • Ideas - paint and material swatches, magazines, promotional leaflets from shops, old photos, or anything else that you can think of.

  • Method
  • There's no set method for making the mood board - but I'll take you through the steps I used.
  • First, I picked my central inspiration, an art nouveau print with Absinthe as its theme. Absinthe is a gorgeous green colour, so I knew I wanted my colours to be greens and creams with a green tint. The girl in the picture has lovely reddish-orange hair, which I wanted to pick up as an accent colour.

  • I wandered round John Lewis looking at their sofas, and then picked up a whole load of little sofa pamphlets. In the end, I went for a sofa with a strong, but neutral, shape. This might seem a little counter-intuitive for an art nouveau theme, which is characterised by flowing lines and decorative touches. However, the potential sofa materials bring that out, and I didn't want them to be cluttered by the sofa shape.

  • It's then as simple as sticking on the material swatches, the paint swatches to bring it all together. I played around with the layout until I was happy with it.

  • I added some notes to remind myself where certain parts had come from, and to jog my memory when I was out and about.

  • And there you go: my miniature mood board. I hope you find the idea useful!


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