Jewellery Display

Jewellery Display

Posted 2015-04-03 by Sandy Ludinskifollow
Whilst browsing the $2 shop this week, I came across these nifty hangers that are designed to make organising your wardrobe a little easier.

Whilst I'm sure they are designed to hold belts and scarves, I found different roles for them in our house.

Do you ever get sick of looking for keys or glasses? They could be kept on these hangers to save you time searching the house!

Or instead of hanging prints or paintings on your bedroom walls, how about displaying your jewellery - it looks bright and colourful and you can find the bracelet or necklace you're looking for at a glance.

These organiser hangers cost only $2 and $3 each from The Reject Shop - a small price to pay for a little organisation!


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