Jelly Jar Storage

Jelly Jar Storage

Posted 2014-05-19 by Oxford Explorerfollow
Decor in your home doesn't just have to be about what's on view to visitors. The insides of your food pantry cupboards can also have a little style added.

Items such as flour, rice, couscous and pasta are often just stored in the packets you buy them in. However, they can look messy and they are not so easy to stack.

Simple mason jars, jelly or canning jars are ideal. Just decant your dry food items into them and seal with the lid. They are readily available to buy online or pick up at many department stores.

For smaller items such as seeds and nuts, just save up some old jars, wash and dry thoroughly and you have some super cheap storage.

If you'd like some added style, why not try designing your own labels?


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