Instant Cake Stands

Instant Cake Stands

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Are you throwing a tea party and are short of a cake stand?

Cake stands make a beautiful center piece for any dinner party and particularly tea parties. All you need to make one using items lying around your home are:

A pillar candle holder or a wine glass.
A plate or two.
Glue (optional)

To make a tiered cake stand you will need two plates – one which is smaller than the other as pictured. All you need to do is simply place the larger plate underneath the candle pillar and place the smaller plate on top. Viola! You now have a temporary cake stand.

Should you wish to make this a permanent stand, simply glue the pieces together being very careful to ensure the pillar is directly in the centre of the plates.

Another great way to display your cakes is on a single tiered stand. All you need is a candle pillar and one large plate. The method is exactly the same as above, place the plate on top of the pillar and glue in place if you wish to make this a permanent set up. Or simply balance the plate on top if you want to continue using you candle pillar for its original purpose.

Finally, if you do not have any suitable candle pillars, you can follow the steps above but replace the pillar with a wine glass tipped upside down. If you are having a children's party, it may be a good idea to use a plastic wine glass and you could also stuff the glass with decorations before gluing together.

I have used plain plates and pillars but you can experiment with pretty printed plates which can be found in most charity shops to re-create the old English tea party look.


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