How to Upcycle Vintage Luggage

How to Upcycle Vintage Luggage

Posted 2016-08-16 by Terryfollow
Vintage suitcases feature designs and styles that are unmatched by their modern counterparts. Suitcases from yesteryear are relics that give a glimpse of the class and luxury that people from decades ago once enjoyed.

When you come across such suitcases at flea markets, garage sales, or even in the attics of passed-on relatives, you may wonder what you can do to breathe new life into these old treasures. These upcycling ideas give vintage suitcases new purpose and allow their beauty and durability to shine through once again.

Pet Bed

Suitcases from yesteryear were made from durable materials that allowed them to withstand an astonishing amount of weight and wear and tear. It would be a shame to allow this durability to go unappreciated once the suitcases join your household.

You can showcase their design and sturdiness by removing the hinges and using each side as a pet bed. The suitcase side will easily hold your pet's weight and also absorb any amount of wear and tear your pet could inflict on it. You can create the bed by lining the suitcase half's inside with fabric and pet-friendly bedding.

Coffee Table

Large vintage suitcases and trunks in particular feature impressive sturdiness and thickness. These large cases are much more solid than their modern counterparts.

With that, they can be easily transformed into a coffee table for your den or living room. Attach table legs or another type of base to the bottom of the case. You can even use the case or trunk as extra storage for items like newspapers, magazines, or even the TV's remote control.

Lounge Chair

One of the more unique upcycle ideas involves turning a vintage suitcase into a lounge chair. To do this, fasten and seal the case so that it cannot open.

You can then use the case as a base for the chair's cushion. You could also leave off the cushion and sit on the case itself. Pair it with a solid back, perhaps even another suitcase, and make sure that the legs on the bottom are attached securely. You will create a one-of-a-kind lounge chair to use in your home.

Rolling Set of Shelves

Rolling suitcases in particular can be fun to upcycle. You can create a movable set of shelves by taking off the top half of the case. Inside the remaining half, place vinyl, wood, or thick plastic shelving.

Then attach a door made out of clear plastic or glass. You will then have a set of shelves that you can safely close and move around any room of your home. This idea can be handy if you need a movable set of shelves in your kitchen or workshop.

Sewing or Craft Kits

Smaller suitcases can be great for using as a sewing or craft kits. To create such a kit, you can attach pockets and small compartments in the case and on the inside of the case's lid.

You can also put in small wicker or plastic drawers to place ribbons, spools of thread, yarn, and other craft items. You should make sure that the storage pockets and drawers are securely attached to the inside of the case so that they avoid falling out when you carry the case. You will then have a sewing or craft kit that you can easily take anywhere you go.

Vintage suitcases can be reborn if they are properly upcycled. These upcycling ideas help you give new life to old suitcases in your home. You can also create household items that have practical use for you and your family by using these upcycling tips.


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