Hand Printed Tea Towel

Posted 2014-04-02 by Jane Streetfollow
Here's how to create your own hand printed tea towel to brighten up your kitchen.

I visited the Norway fjords recently and loved the red ochre, mustard yellow and dark grey cabins scattered across the hillsides. I chose this colour palette for my tea towel and made a simple geometric rectangles print.

Red, yellow and grey huts in Norway

  • Plain tea towel (you can find these online or edge your own material)
  • Fabric paint (I mixed my colours from red, yellow, black and white Speedball fabric paint )
  • Roller
  • Craft foam sheet
  • Scissors
  • Iron

  • I used a foam craft sheet as my printing pad. You could print with anything e.g. polystyrene tray, rubber eraser, bubble wrap, potato shape etc.

  • Cut your shape out of the foam craft sheet. I cut some rectangles the same widths but different lengths.

  • Mix the fabric paint colours on flat dishes or paper plates to get the shades you want.
  • Apply fabric paint to the print pad with a roller or paint brush.
  • Press the print pad carefully down on the fabric and press to ensure a good transfer of paint.
  • Lift the print pad off carefully.

  • Repeat over the tea towel to create your pattern, reapplying paint each time. I printed my rectangles with random spacing over the tea towel lining them up in the same direction.

  • If you don't get an even transfer you can touch up with a paint brush. However, I liked the slightly distressed look.

  • When finished, iron the tea towel to set the fabric paint (or follow any specific instructions for your brand of paint). The tea towel should be able to be washed and ironed safely without damaging the print.

    Have you decorated your own tea towels? Please share a picture of your creation on the comments forum.


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