Foam Print Pictures

Posted 2014-02-15 by Jane Streetfollow
Create an easy printing block and print a repeating pattern in different shades or colours to make a striking picture. Add a frame with a mount and it will look great on any wall.

You could make a sophisticated print block with a lino print kit. We made a low cost option with a foam craft sheet which gives a less crisp finish but still works very effectively.

  • Foam craft sheet
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Block of wood (we used a wood flooring sample)
  • PVA glue
  • Roller
  • Acrylic or screen print paint
  • Thick paper
  • Frame with mount

  • Foam craft sheet makes a cheap and easy print pad

  • Cut a shape from the foam sheet to make your basic pattern outline - for example, a square or a long rectangle.
  • Score a design into the foam sheet with the ballpoint pen. Even squiggles and dots give an interesting print.

  • Glue the scored foam sheet onto the block.

  • Foam pad glued onto block

  • Decide the colours you want to use and how many repeating prints can fit into your mount size. I mixed up different shades of blue and green with screen printing paint.
  • Apply a thin layer of paint onto the foam block with the roller. You may need to go over the scores with the ballpoint or a skewer to make sure they are clear of paint.

  • Ready to print

  • Carefully press the block onto the paper and lift slowly.
  • Repeat with different colours or shades across the page to fill the mount size.
  • When dry, mount and frame.

  • Even squiggles and dot patterns give an interesting print

    Your picture is now ready to hang!


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